Charlotte Sandilands

Charlotte Sandilands


Charlotte has had over 30 years of practical gardening experience in small and large gardens.

She has had a life-long enthusiasm for plants and trees and has, above all, a plant-centred approach when advising people on their gardens. It can be about design ideas, planting plans, soil conditions or good garden management. She uses environmentally friendly management ideas in the garden, which attract more pollinating bees and insects.


"I really like teaching people about plants and giving them advice about their gardens. This includes suggesting plants, planting combinations and techniques to inspire and giving

people confidence with their gardening"


To complement her practical experience, she has achieved the prestigious RHS Diploma in Horticulture and has also completed the Garden Design course at Pershore.


She is currently the Horticultural Consultant to a North London primary school




“I was delighted with the plants chosen by Charlotte for my small London garden – they included combinations I hadn’t thought of ….. She was also a fund of information on plants generally, leaving me with notes on how best to grow them, and about their pests and diseases as well.” MH, London


“Charlotte uses her encyclopaedic knowledge of plants, what situation they need to be in to flourish and how they will look in time, to plan my new garden. I would recommend Charlotte to anyone who wants either gardening advice or a comprehensive and highly professional garden planning service.” AM, Hampshire


“The amazing topiary Charlotte has created over the years inspired me to start some in my garden taking her advice – it gives a garden a wonderful focal point which lasts throughout the year”. MM, Devon


“Charlotte showed me how to propagate plants at different times of the year, eg. demonstrating softwood cuttings in early summer, and with her enthusiasm gave me confidence to produce many more of the plants I’m most fond of. She explained clearly which plants should be pruned at which time of the year and also gave me a lot of other fascinating information about plants.” RW, Northamptonshire.


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